Special order for your taste. The best high quality from JAPAN.

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Special order for your taste and Hight quality !!.
SIMBA Trade Japan export high quality used car. We might take special order from customer who live in the world. If you are looking for something special, we will find it for you in Japan. Sometime client cannot make your taste exactly but SIMBA Trade Japan will make it 100% your taste from Auto auction in Japan.

TOPICS - Hybrid cars

  • Hybrid cars save fuel, reduce emissions and even recharge their batteries without being plugged in. You might think they are complicated to own, yet the opposite is true – they are designed to make your life easier. It's time to leave the old way of driving behind. Read more

TOPICS- We are supporting next generation

  • Since 2011 we are supporting a college where is Nakuru In KENYA by our part of profit for next generation.
  • Contribution to society is necessary in the world. Their vision is to take a leading role in the promotion of active and visible leadership in the community by fostering interaction among the Alumni, in the student community, families, friends, and the entire industry. Read more



SIMBA Trade Japan

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